Geoff Dowell (Assoc.)

We are a company experienced in the “softer” aspects of working with people in the “harder" contexts where quality and cost-effectiveness matter. We specialise in working with :

  •  Individuals wanting personal growth and professional development.
  •  Groups and organisations experiencing change, challenge and conflict.


We Develop People


We work with people who have problems to resolve and a contribution to make. Our core values are trust, cost-effectiveness and long-term working relationships. 

The company adds value by paying exquisite attention to the needs of people and organisations. Through structured dialogue, experiential learning and developmental models, we lead people from confusion and stagnation, through self-awareness and understanding to action and result.

Key Strategies


We listen!

We listen intently to people and their "problems."

We ask questions!

We get information by asking lots and lots of questions.

We measure!

We gather evidence to measure movement.

We model and map!

We ask more questions to turn data into understanding.

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