About Us

Who Is Geoff Dowell?




Geoff is a person with a passion for growing people. He specialises in Coaching and Training for leadership, motivation, and employee engagement.



After a 25 year technical grounding in industry; with extensive experience in industrial relations, training, and management, Geoff's focus is now on modelling and facilitating people to be excellent in their life and work.



Qualified to work and teach in several fields, Geoff’s reputation for fast effective change continues to grow

Who Are The Associates?



Geoff collaborates on selected projects with a handful of fellow professionals when specialism, volume of work or timescales dictate. He also works as an associate to selected organisations.

See below for links to colleagues and 
organisations that Geoff recommends as reliable and professional in the fields of NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Coaching and Training.

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